Beginners project management videos

YouTube is a great medium for learning about a multitude of topics and Project Management is no different so here is our pick of the best beginners project management videos.

For many people videos are an engaging way to learn from the best experts, and to get the salient points about the subject. Each one of these videos is short to get you started on this fascinating subject.

We have therefore curated a list of videos for your perusal, grouped into introductory, intermediate and advanced for viewers with various levels of experience in this huge and complex field.

This short video explains the basic concepts of project management.

Next this video explains the terms commonly used by project managers. When you start managing your projects you will need to understand these terms because project management, like any other professional discipline, has its own language.

Here is a simple explanation of what project managers actually do. This cn depend on the type of project and its size. On a really big project there might be senior project managers, junior project managers and even an overall program manager.

Finally if you are limited for time, here are some tips to get you started.