Easy to use project management

Simpris project management is easy to use
Simpris project management is easy to use

Easy to use project management – Simpris simply organises work into 4 levels:

  • Programme
  • Project
  • Tasklist
  • Task

This gives Simpris powerful capabilities to organise tasks without over-complicating how it works. Let’s explain the 4 terms above:


A programme is the top level of organisation in Simpris. Programmes allow large organisations to run many projects in parallel, where those projects are still part of distinct programmes. But smaller organisations can also use programmes to sort projects into different areas of operations such as Human Resources or Finance.


The project is the cornerstone of work organisation in Simpris. Virtually everything people do at work is part of some overall project. Building refurbishment, product launch, relocation – this list is endless. By thinking in terms of projects you can easily group work planned and work done under those projects allowing the summarisation of work and effort.


Tasklists give structure to your projects in Simpris. hence each project is subdivided into as many tasklists as required.


Finally the task is the basic unit of work in Simpris. Everything comes down to tasks. Eask task is allocated to someone on the project and they update the task with progress made and expected completion date.

The following data is stored against each task:

  • name
  • description
  • status
  • priority
  • assigned to
  • start date
  • estimated time
  • percent complete
  • completion date
  • phase to which task belongs
  • linked task

Clear and intuitive user interface

In addition to conceptual simplicity, Simpris also benefits from a user interface designed to get you up and running quickly and intuitively. Clearly laid out pages of information and consistent look and feel assure you will not get lost as you progress your tasks from one stage to the next.

Seeing the wood

There is a proverb that sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees. This applies to many project management systems where users get bogged down in a hail of detail. At Simpris with our easy to use project management we try to keep it simple so you can see the wood, and if you want to, the trees as well!

Easy to use project management

Because Simpris is based on clear and proven ideas we think you will be comfortable with it soon, owning on your real world projects.