Problem management

Simpris problem management is intuitive
Simpris problem management is intuitive

Simpris enables you to see all of your problems in one place so you can focus your staff on problem management.

Importance of problem management

When managing your projects, you will find that problems inevitably occur. You then need to think about problem management. Simpris has you covered here. See all of your problems listed so nothing slips away unnoticed. With Simpris you can have a problem management strategy and policies.

Keeping track of your problems

First you will need to log and track your problems. This enables you to see how many problems you have, where they are, who is dealing with them, which client is involved. Simpris helps you to quantify problems so you have the situation under control. With Simpris problems will never overwhelm you or give you a nasty surprise.

Dealing with problems

Simpris gives you an overview of your problems, but also allows you to look in detail at each problem. You can assign problems to staff, and set priorities. The staff member dealing with the problem can update the problem and set progress status, so you always know how each problem is progressing.

Queuing problems – assign problems to a queue

Simpris has a powerful feature which allows problems to be assigned to queues which you create yourself. First you need to think about which queues make sense for your organisation and staff. Then begin assigning problems to queues. For example in a redesign project you might have problems with the customer who wants to change the branding, problems with suppliers of branded materials. You can assign these to different queues, and have staff looking at the queues which concern them.

Problem closure

When your staff have solved a problem close it! In Simpris you can see the turnover of your problems as they arise, are spotted, dealt with and closed.

ITIL problem management

Here is an instructional video about the ITIL problem management process.