Time management

Time management is critical to the success of any project. Unless you are lucky enough to have staff who work for free, time is a major component of your project budget. Time management is a meta-activity, i.e. something that tries to optimise other activities.

Time management with Simpris
Time management with Simpris

Managing time is according to practitioners is about prioritisation of tasks and then managing the resources, including staff, allocated to those tasks, so as to successfully execute the priority tasks.

Simpris can help with your time management in the following ways:

  • Prioritisation of tasks
  • Monitoring of task-related activity to ensure work goes into those prioritised tasks
  • Predict when chains of high priority tasks will complete – the critical path as it is called

Time management – see where your effort is going

With Simpris you have a bird’s eye view of where your time is going. You can see what expensive employees are doing. or not doing. Often the overview of time can come as a shock to senior managers as it reveals the waste of time on tasks which are low priority or even deemed unnecessary in the organisation’s strategy.